The Brand
A fashion identity is born
Named after its creator, the successful fashion designer, model and businesswoman Caren Pfleger, the label has seen various successes in the late 70s and 80s when its creations conquered the international catwalks and the wardrobes of celebrities and fashion lovers worldwide.
Its secret was a discreet simplicity, manifesting itself in a minimalistic colour palette and simple cuts. According to Caren Pfleger, the ideal wardrobe consists of “seven easy pieces” – a selection of high quality garments – uniting luxury and modesty and focusing on the essential.
Since its beginnings, the label Caren Pleger follows the credo of the “new femininity”. The designs mirror the confident attitude of today’s women who maintain their sense of creativity, sensuality and aesthetics in private and in business and have made this confidence a pillar of their lifestyle. They value quality and individuality and face each day with grace.

A successful story continues
The Caren Pfleger brand takes the next step together with Nathalie Schönenberger and Olivia Fischer.
While the fashion designer Schöneberger has enjoyed some success with her own labels, Fischer is intimately connected to the world of fashion through her career as an international model. Both women are experienced in the fashion distribution and form a strong team that does not only sense for trends, but also a passion for everything beautiful.
With creativity, a sense for beauty and enthusiasm, the young team designs authentic and individual collections for today’s women. With an eye for both zeitgeist and trends, they create timeless pieces that accentuate and give a modern face to the “new femininity”. The highest value is placed on wearable designs, premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship.
The current Caren Pfleger cashmere collection cooperates with a producer in inner Mongolia, where the passion and attention to detail required for excellent craftsmanship is found. Our partner is the best of their trade and turns premium-quality yarn into gorgeous, soft and cuddly all-time favourites that can be enjoyed every day.